Sunday, 23 August 2009

To book me for an assignment or if you require additional information

To book me for an assignment or if you require additional information, please use the contact form on this website and I will answer your query as soon as possible.


From a basic model head shot to a full commercial advertising session; Andy Photography studio is equipped to create the look any client may need.


There are many reasons to book a model session with Andy Photography, other than a head shot or commercial image the following are just a few reasons clients choose this session:

Gift for husband, or wife.
Family or friends
Singles Ads
An image conveying ones business or practice
Graphic Art Edits

If you’re just starting out as a model, or planning to become a model, it will help you to have some photos to begin your portfolio. Modelling is a competitive business, and by looking great in your photos, you’re already a step ahead of the competition!

You can bring these photos with you when you go to agencies for your initial interviews. Seeing you in professionally shot and produced photographs helps the agents envision your style, and what different looks you can achieve. Even in the beginning, it’s these little details that can make or break your modelling career.

Basic Fee
I charge £30 per hour with a two hour minimum. Location or studio work outside of a mile driving distance of York will require the prevailing mileage rate. Location or studio work necessitating an overnight stay will require travel expenses.

Location Work
Outside of applicable travel expenses, there is no additional fee for photographing on location unless the location requires a fee for us to work there. Please discuss locations with me in advance so I can assess if the location is suitable.

Studio Work
Outside of applicable travel expenses, studio work requires an additional minimum of 2 hours fee of from £40 to cover studio or other indoor rental cost.

MUA, Hair and Wardrobe
Fees for a make-up artist (MUA), hair stylist or wardrobe stylist are extra. You are not required to have any of these for your session. However, I strongly recommend at least hiring a MUA.

The Session
The session starts when you arrive and we are ready to select wardrobe and you go into make-up. The process of getting ready for photos can be lengthy, at least 30 minutes and often longer. You may spend more time in make-up and prep than you do in front of the camera. You can figure roughly one look per hour. A look is defined by the total appearance from a combination of make-up, hair, and clothing.

After the Session
Within two weeks after the session or before if I have the time, I will E mail you containing images from the session or can send by Skype – msn. These images will be adjusted for colour and contrast and sent as full-resolution JPEGs with the SRGB colour profile. You will also receive a signed usage agreement granting you rights to the images this means you can use the images for promotion as a model, actor, etc. You can post them in web site portfolios and make prints from them. You can also have them retouched.